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Recent Testimonials from "Clients??"
“The Nation’s Misleading Expert”
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Robert Reich with Harry Freedman

Recent U.S. Client Testimonials
Feel the excitement!” – WARREN BUFFET 
“I never heard of him. Who is he?” – AMY SCHUMER
 “No one has ever gotten food poisoning at one of Harry’s shows.”  -WOLFGANG FLAY 

Overseas Testimonials
“Funny man” -TASS
"Very entertaining" - PRAVDA
 “He killed me.” - OSAMA BIN LADEN  
"We hacked him. Some of his jokes were very funny. We look forward to torturing him.”  - VLADIMIR PUTIN

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Interview with “The Nation’s Misleading Expert,” By Harry Freedman Pt. 2

Tell me about your first comedy show. What was that like?

I was 26 and living in South Florida where I was working various jobs including managing editor for a humor magazine, reporting for a weekly Miami Beach newspaper, and copywriting. There was no real comedy scene then, so I started watching some local comedians who worked the bars. Then I saw an ad for a new comedy club at a hotel in Hollywood Florida. I passed the audition and the first night I was on last in front of an audience of 250 people and blew the room the away.

Wow. How’d you do that?

The audience watched 7 comedians hit and miss all night. I was so nervous I literally went onstage shaking.

How is that a good thing?
Everyone started laughing as soon as they saw me. I didn’t try to hide my nerves and I caught them off guard by having material that went with my character.

What character is that?

I created a character called Meekoman, which is the opposite of a Macho Man. I had jokes to match:  “From now on, everywhere there’s a macho man, there’s going to be a meekoman…at a safe distance.” I even opened my jacket to reveal an actual Meekoman T-shirt, which wasn’t for sale, but all you had to do was “just go up to any Meekoman and rip it off his back, he won’t fight you.”

Very clever.

Thanks. I had a magical first show. As I started getting laughs, the audience saw that I a plan. So I started getting more confidence and my delivery became more powerful, but in a vulnerable way. I ended up getting 5 ovations in 12 minutes.

That’s incredible. What happened after that?

The next 3 months I had good nights and bad nights. Then I entered a talent contest at a bar and found the magic again. Even better - I won $50.

What then?
Well, I basically spent the next 5 years performing as many nights as I could, everywhere I could. I also moved back to NY.

What kept you going?

First, there’s nothing like getting a laugh from a crowd with your own material. And 2 things helped me early in my career. Joan Rivers caught my act at a small comedy club across the street from where she was performing in the big room. She invited me to her dressing room before her next 2 shows and dispensed advice about show business and complimented me on my act. It was an almost out of body experience.
And the second?
About the same time, a then unknown, but well respected Jerry Seinfeld came up to me and said, “You’re a very good writer,” and added, “I don’t say that to everyone.”  Those 2 things helped me get through some of the ups and downs that every young comic has, because comedy can be very tough in the beginning.

How so?

Well, one time I got booked to do 4 college gigs in 5 days around the country. The first day, we took 3 planes over 15 hours, had 10 minutes to shower, no food, and performed for several thousand-college kids at a stadium. Somehow, our adrenaline took over and we all had terrific shows. That was a great learning experience, because I discovered I could go into a strange situation completely exhausted and still knock it out of the park.   
Well, that doesn’t sound so bad.
Yeah, well when we got back, we all learned another lesson. The booking agent took 6 months to pay and only then after several lawsuits. Unfortunately, the lower levels of the comedy business are very much like boxing. You don’t need a license to be an agent.
I’m curious, who are some of the comics you’ve worked with?

I spent many years in New York City at clubs like Catch A Rising Star, The Improv, Carolines, The Comedy Cellar, and The Comic Strip. Bill Maher used to put me up at Catch when he was one of their emcees, and between NY and the road, I’ve shared the stage with Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Drew Carey, Tim Allen, Andrew Dice Clay, Paul Reiser, Dennis Leary, Daryl Hammond, Joy Behar, and many more. I also became good friends with Ray Romano and Richard Jeni. I still open for Ray sometimes and used to open for Richard Jeni before his passing.

Harry Freedman is a corporate put-on comedian, emcee, Fake Toaster, and creates hilarious onsite corporate video interview shorts.

He also creates “The Ultimate Tribute Video” (This is your life movie - as produced by a professional comedian) for Honorariums and special occasions. 

Website: www.Hfreedman.com

Agent Friendly Corporate Comedy Website:                   www. Harryfreedman.net
The Ultimate Tribute Video: https://youtu.be/yOP7cofTyqM

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Interview with Harry Freedman, “The Nation’s Misleading Expert” 
                 by Harry Freedman.
So, let’s Get Down To Business. What do you mean by the phrase “The Nation’s Misleading Expert?” 

I do corporate comedy put-ons. I get introduced at events as an actual industry expert and fool everyone into believing I’m real, even as I get them laughing.

Why do people hire you? What’s the benefit to them?

At most conferences, audiences begin to glaze over from all the serious content. When I’m introduced, they think they’re getting more of the same. But when I’m finished, clients tell me, they’re refreshed, reenergized, and that it’s one of the best team-building activities they’ve ever had.      

Can you name of the companies you’ve entertained? 
Coca Cola, Dell, Met Life, AT&T, IBM, P&G, Merck, AmEx, and hundreds more. I’ve portrayed anything from a national health care advisor to a cyber-security expert.
What makes you such a hot shot at these put-ons?
I wouldn’t use the words hot shot, but I do a ton of research about every group and customize like crazy.
Give me an example.
I did a speech for Certainteed, which originally began as a French company making guillotines during the Revolution, so I said I how much I admired them because, “One way or another, your company has been beheading people for over 200 years.”

Tell me some of your career highlights?
I would say the biggest was getting the cover of the business section of The New York Times, on a 4th of July Sunday edition, as well as a full page profile, an honor usually reserved for billionaire business leaders. I also open for Ray Romano.
Oh, so it’s who you know then, huh?
Doesn’t hurt. But you still have to deliver the goods. In the course of my career, I’ve literally performed above the NY Stock Exchange and below Carnegie Hall, so I’ve been on top of the financial world and the bottom of the show business world.
One last thing. You have any testimonials from any of these so-called clients you like to brag about?
Yeah, here’s two. There’s a lot more where these came from.
Pretty full of yourself, huh? Oh, actually, these aren’t bad.
Harry, we really appreciated the time you took in customizing your material. Your delivery was tasteful, thoughtful and really funny. You were also an absolute pleasure to work with. 
Denis Hickey - GE Corporate HR Director.

Mr. Freedman was, to put it simply, hilarious. I consider that if people start crying with laughter, the comedian is at the highest skill level. Not only is Mr. Freedman a master at his craft, but we loved working with him. I give Mr. Freedman my highest recommendation.             
David W. Grounds, Day Chair, Arizona YPO Chapter

Harry Freedman is a corporate put-on comedian, emcee, and creates hilarious onsite video interview shorts. He also makes “The Ultimate Tribute Video” (It's like This is your life as produced by a professional comedian) for Honorariums and other special occasions.  

Agent Friendly Corporate Comedy Website: Harryfreedman.net
The Ultimate Tribute Video: https://youtu.be/yOP7cofTyqM

Monday, February 17, 2014

HELP YOUR SPEAKERS SUCCEED AT YOUR EVENT (A guide for meeting planners and event producers)

Harry Freedman – “The Nation’s Misleading Expert”  
          A 25 Year Veteran At The Podium.

If you hire speakers for your corporate events, you know that choosing the right one for your audience is just the first step.
In order to ensure that your guest speaker(s) have the best chance to succeed, there are number of issues you might want to consider.

First, once you’ve hired your speaker, or even before, it’s a good idea to have them talk with the client so they are both on the same page.

Some speakers customize more then others. If you hire a prominent celebrity or high-level politician, you are more likely to get their canned speech rather then one that is more tailored. There is not anything necessarily wrong with that, but you should of course know that going in and try to get as much information about their content ahead of time as possible.

If you hire a consultant on the other hand, you might expect that they will do more homework to learn about your business and develop specific ideas.

As a Corporate Put-on Comedian, I very much customize my speeches so I always talk to the client to get as much information about the company or group as I can. I also prescreen my material to make sure the client is comfortable with all my content when I am done writing.

One of the most important things to help your speaker give a great performance is to get them to the destination early enough so they are rested and refreshed by the time they go on. Otherwise, you run the risk of them being worn out from the day’s travel, and not as sharp. 

If possible, depending on the distance and location, I always try to get there the night before. Not only does this help me get a good night’s sleep, but it also eliminates any worry for the client about any possible travel delays, whether from weather or traffic, particularly these days on the GW Bridge. In addition, I find it useful to watch some of the other meetings to get a flavor of their topics and a feel for the audience.

Any speaker worth their salt will usually want to check the room and AV ahead of time, especially if they have power point or video as part of their presentation. I sometimes create videos for my performances and glitches are common when we first try them out. It also helps to adjust all the volume controls before the speech, whether it’s for a video, podium mic, or wireless lav. I always go over everything beforehand, and I also like to get on the stage or at the podium to get a feel for the space ahead of time.

Make sure you have a good sound system and fresh batteries in the wireless microphone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the wireless die on me, so I also try to make sure that there’s always a backup.

In terms of the room set-up, I find auditorium style is always the best. This way, you have the maximum amount of people close together without any dead space if the room is filled. If it is not, try to get the audience to sit up front and create a more unified situation. 

A good rule of thumb is that the closer the audience is to the speaker and one another, the greater the reaction and attention.
Sometimes, I’m asked to speak after dinner or lunch and the audience is at round tables. In that situation, I will try my best to get the tables moved up and near one another, so again, I have the best chance for a greater reaction.

The worst thing you can do to a speaker in terms of room set-up is to have them too far away from the audience or have dead space in the front of the room. I’ve spoken at events that had a dance floor in the middle that literally divided the audience into separate parts that were much less cohesive, and as a result, less reactive.

Another key factor in the room set-up is the lighting. It’s best if the speaker and podium are well lit, and the audience is dim but not completely dark. This helps us remain the focus of their full attention since we’re the brightest thing in the room, but also lets us see the audience reaction, which helps us adjust as we’re going along.

Sometimes, I’m in a situation where there is no spotlight or special lighting, but only the hotel track lighting. This usually crosses the entire room and doesn’t allow different levels of brightness for the audience and speaker. In that case, I usually set everything somewhere in the middle, so even though I may not be as bright as I’d like, I keep the audience from having too much glare on them as well.

Above all, if you have the event at a breakfast, lunch or dinner, make sure that everyone is done eating and the wait-staff has cleared the dishes and stops moving. It’s a simple thing. If people are chewing and clanking dishes, they’re going to be distracted from the presentation and also create additional noise.

These are just a few tips that I’ve learned from my experiences performing as a corporate speaker. I hope you find these tips useful and if I can answer any questions, please contact me at Surfcomic@aol.com or check out my website at www.Hfreedman.com 

Harry Freedman – The Nation’s Misleading Expert – specializing in Customized Corporate Comedy Put-Ons and Standup Comedy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

These Facebook Tips Can Double Your Income in the Meeting Industry in just 3 Weeks.

The secret ways you can turn facebook into a cash cow.

Harry Freedman
The Nation's Misleading Expert
Lying For Laughs For Over 25 Years!